Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reasons I Decided To Homeschool

1. I Can Decide What Is Important To Teach
- We will start each day with a bible reading
- I can choose/change the curricula at any time to fit the needs of my kids
- If one child has a deep interest in something, he/she can learn as much about that subject as they desire
- I can teach simply by living.  The kids will catch on to everyday tasks and I can use them as teachable moments.

2. Family Togetherness
- I will get the privilage of spending every day with my family.  I will be the one who gets to see their daily accomplishments.
- My kids will spend more time with me than their teacher. 
- I am hoping to create a strong family unit of loving siblings.
- Extended family will be able to share their knowledge in a variety of topics.

3.  Less "Threats"
- I don't have to worry about a school shooting or my child getting a knife pulled on them.
- Less peer pressure including sex, drugs and alcohol.
- Less of a chance of being bullied by other students.

4. More Flexible and Efficient
- We don't have to rush out the door every morning
- We can get our 180 days in anytime throughout the year.  If we need/want to take a day off, we can!
- We can schedule vacations and field trips whenever we want.
- We can always change locations of our classroom.  If it's a great day, we can go outside!
- There won't be as much wasted time (lining up for class, changing classes, waiting on others, driving to and from school) meaning we can get our school work done quicker and have plenty of time for extra-curricular activities.
- No homework!

5. Every Child Is Different
- No one has more interest in my childrens success than I do!
- Each child can go as fast or as slow as they need.
- My kids have different learning styles and I will be able to effectively handle those needs.  One needs to sit at a desk and have a schedule for the day, another learns better while jumping up and down or doing somersaults.

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  1. Thank you for this! I don't even have kids yet, but people ask me all the time why I would ever want to homeschool; they talk down to me about how I will change my mind once I have kids. Thank you for laying down the reasons so succinctly. I may have to use these word-for-word in some of my conversations. :)