Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The more I think about unschooling...

That is actually all I have been doing so far!  I know my kids are still young, but I have never used a curriculum, I have just been teaching along the way. 

For example, they learned:

How to count by ones, fives and tens while playing hide and seek
The value of the coins and the president on each coin as we put them into their piggy banks. 
The months of the year by talking about birthdays and whose birthday is in each month.
The days of the week by what happens each day (Sunday is church, Monday daddy goes to work etc.)
Vowels from Old McDonalds vowel farm.  We use AEIOU instead of EIEIO.
The continents as we walk through the zoo.
Colors and shapes just by looking at and talking about the world around us.

It's amazing how quickly they learn when things are included in our daily lives.