Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Am Missing Most



This may sound a little crazy, but I have been missing our breakfast time together. 

Let me start by saying our mornings are filled with lots of screaming and crying and whining until they start to get some food in their little bellies.  The moments after they have starting eating are some of the best.  They are full of conversation and happy with each other, smiling, laughing and all around pleasant.

Right now, breakfast only lasts 15 minutes or so and then back to normal chaos.  During school, our breakfasts can take up to an hour.  Even when they have finished eating they will sit in their chairs to listen to stories or want to do flashcards, sing songs, read extra Bible stories, you name it.  They are totally engaged and ready to learn.

This morning I was talking about when we are going to start "school" again (August 12) and they asked to do math flashcards.  I got them out, we took turns, everyone tried to help one another, they would always let my 2 yr old do the +0's.  45 minutes later we finished breakfast, it was fabulous!  Best part is when they got down, Laney continued to flashcards and Addison picked up a book to read to Max.  So far it has been a great morning, granted it's not even 9:00, but I will take what I can get.  Amazing what a little structure and extra quality time together gets you.

I got a taste of our mornings to come and I am ready to go!