Monday, August 29, 2011


We spent the last week in Florida with my parents and it was such a learning experience for everyone, including me.

We are fairly structured around here and the thought of unschooling has never crossed my mind until this week.  I have read about unschooling and I guess I never truly "got it."  Some of the things I read said just teach what they are into.  Well, that happened, the girls would find all sorts of different shells at the beach, then we would take them home and find out their names.  The same thing happened to different birds and fish we saw.  Luckily for me, Papa Gerry is very knowledgeable in these categories and could tell the girls what most things were on the spot.  Instead of saying look at that bird, he would say, look at that Egret, for example.  It was just amazing to me how much the girls got into it and how excited they were to learn these new things. 

Although I know in my heart we will never be a true unschooling homeschooling family, it's nice to know we will be able to pull from that philosophy from time to time and truly enjoy it!

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