Saturday, November 10, 2012

My second week off!

I hadn't thought much about how I was going to "schedule" my school year, there are just so many options.  Follow the public schools including their days off, go 9 months and take a month off around the holidays, 6 weeks on 1 week off, school year round, there are just so many to chose from.

Following my typical approach to homeschooling (and life,) I thought I would get started and see how things went.  I'm sure you remember I took my first "week off" when we went of vacation in September.  Then, after our Halloween Party I thought I would go ahead and take that week off as well.  It's looking like I might be leaning towards 6 weeks on, 1 week off, but still a work in progress.

So, my week off started great!  Come Wednesday, I was feeling nice and relaxed.  I guess I didn't realize how much stress/pressure I put on myself trying to get school done everyday.  It was just a freeing feeling knowing we didn't have to get our readings in or do our math lessons or work on writing our letters, we could just have fun!

Then, came Thursday!  Wow, what a difference a day makes.  Thursday was a crazy day!  You could just tell the kids were looking for that structure they are used to.  They kept asking about school and why we weren't doing it.  Asking if they could do math lessons, they wanted more than to just play and have fun.  This was a comforting feeling knowing I might be doing something right, but not very comforting on that day.  Friday we got out of the house to burn some energy and called it a week. 

Monday we were back in the swing of things and for the most part, happy to be doing school again!

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