Sunday, January 1, 2012

Core "A" sits on the shelf

Well, it's been over a month and I have done nothing with our core curriculum except put it up on the shelf.  It could be the timing or it could be I am just not ready to dive in quite yet.  The books I ordered look great, I just haven't set apart a time of day to start.

I started talking with a few more families who use Sonlight and tried to take their advice and see how that might fit in with my family.  The "cores" cover a range of ages, so I have decided it might be in my best interest to wait on those until I can at least be reading to 2 or 3 of the kids.  I can't imagine reading 4 seperate cores in a couple of years, there just wouldn't be enough time in the day!!  There are a couple of things we will continue to work on like reading, math and writing.  These are subjects I can work on with each kid individually and at their own pace.

I did start Addison on her kindergarten math program.  I chose Horizons and I am not totally loving it.  It is very repetitive and so far she hasn't learned anything.  It says to do 1 lesson a day, but she likes to pick it up and do 5 or 6 at a time.  I don't push it on her, just whenever she wants, we do it. 

The other thing I purchased was a handwriting program that I have been very anxious to start. I did try it out 1 day a while back, but I decided to wait.  I had Addison up at our counter and she just wasn't at the angle and she got very frusterated.  I decided it was time to order a preschool table where everything would be just at the right height.  We did get the table and I have just been waiting for things to settle down from the holidays to get started. 

                                                        Our new table

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