Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It Takes a Village Part 2

There are 3 very key people in our village.  My dad (Tom) my mom (Mimi) her husband (Papa Gerry.)  Without these 3 people, I don't know how I would survive some days.  There are countless other friends and family members that are always willing to lend a helping hand, and we thank God for them every day. 

In my last post (which got posted 5 days after I started writing it,) it ended with a new project for us to start.  My goal was to paint the bird house Thursday afternoon.  My son ended up breaking his leg (an entire other blog!!) so the painting got put on hold, so I pushed it to Friday and then to Saturday.  The house has been a little crazy with all the chaos involving Max's broken leg.  People coming and going, kids being shuffled around while we took Max to numerous doctors appointments and not really any sort of normalcy going on.  Any of you that know my kids, know we need some sort of routine or things get a little crazy!

In comes the village.  Instead of trying to find just the right time to paint the bird house which can be a little tricky when it is 1 on 4, I asked my mom if she was up for it.  She took the 3 older kids Saturday afternoon and were able to successfully get that bird house painted.  2 on 3 is way better odds when paint is involved =) 

Not only did the kids have a great time, a huge mess was not made.  Well, there is always Max and he, of course, tried to eat the paint.

Addison and Laney decided they wanted to have a pink bird house.

And Max wanted a green roof.

And the finished product...

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