Monday, September 3, 2012

Words that made me smile =)

Over the weekend there were a few things said that touched my heart.  I wanted to write them down so I will never forget.

Saturday morning at breakfast Laney said "Mommy, when are we starting school?"  I usually start reading to them while they are eating breakfast and she was ready for some stories.  Who knew she was so into it!

Later that morning, we were talking about our upcoming trip to Florida and Addison said, "Mommy, can we bring school with us?"  I asked her exactly what she wanted to bring.  She mentioned some books and her Bible and even her math workbook.  I was planning on taking the week off, but I guess that's what I get for planning =)

At church on Sunday a mom I had never met came up to me and told me how excited Addison was that I was her teacher.  Apparently, she was telling everyone in her class she was homeschooled!

Later that afternoon my mom and I took the girls to get their first pedicures before our trip and Addison had a long conversation with the person doing her nails about how she was homeschooled and everything she loved about it.  I am sure I was just beaming as I sat there listening to what she had to say.  When she was finished, the nail technician came up to me and told me how articulate and smart she was for 4.  Big smiles!

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