Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Calling

I have been researching public and private schools in my area for about a year.  My husband and I ruled out public schools from the very beginning, so most of my research is on private schools.  We have visited a few in the area including the church it is connected to and we kept coming up short.  A few months ago we "settled" on sending our children to a Catholic school down the street.  Great school, we just don't happen to be Catholic.  I am actually a cradle Catholic, but my husband and I are very happy at the church we currently belong, it is truly our church family.  We knew by making that decision we might need to join a different church, but we were willing to do that for our children's education.

A couple of months ago, I got this crazy idea in my head that I should homeschool.  Yes, you heard me correctly, crazy idea.  I thought and prayed on this subject for a few weeks before I even mentioned it to my husband, hoping it would pass.  I mean what happened to the days ahead where I would be able to go the store while my kids were at school, cook dinner or even clean the house??  I kept saying to myself this is crazy, why I can't I convince myself to stop thinking about this. 

I sat my husband down and told him what I had been thinking (I was secretly hoping he would object) and he about jumped off the couch with excitement!  I mentioned to him that all of the negatives I thought about weren't even bothering me.  That is when he said the 4 magic words I have been waiting for my entire life, "This is Your Calling"  Oh my gosh, he's right, this is my calling and that is why everything just seems so easy.  I am 100% devoted to my family and this is the road God has chosen for me.  As much as I was trying to fight it, I couldn't.  There was an answer to every question and I was finally at peace in my life.

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