Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So I have decided to homeschool, where should I start?

It's official, I am going to homeschool my kids.  After my husband and I made that decision, I thought, now what.  I, of course, did what most people would do.  I did as much research as possible.  I have read many books, looked online, read many blogs, contacted friends and family that have or are currently homeschooling just to make sure I have a complete understanding of what I am getting myself into. 

My favorite book to date is So You're Thinking About Homeschooling by Lisa Whelchel.  It is a very easy read and it gave me a quick overview of the different styles of homeschooling out there.  One of my favorite blogs is They have a few contributors, so it is always nice to hear different perspectives.  Of all the people I have talked to, everyone just loves what they are doing.  I think you would have to, otherwise, why do it.  There are always some complaints, but nothing over the top. 

I keep asking myself, now what?  Should I purchase curriculum?  Should we just live life and see where it takes us?  Should I set up a "classroom" for the kids or just teach wherever they want to learn?  There are so many questions, none of which I know the answer, so I will work my way through them and see where we end up.

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